Art Cuellar

A lifelong student of strength training, endurance sports, and the martial arts, Art began studying Isshinryu Karate at the age of 7 and entered the tournament circuit in his early 20s.

During this time and beyond, Art accumulated a vast knowledge of body mechanics, strength building, nutrition, and plyometrics, and ultimately became a certified personal trainer in order to better help others achieve their fitness and life goals.

Art is also a gifted mountaineer and offers a wealth of knowledge in the area of regional trails and mountain treks.



In 1996, Art became one of the first Russian Martial Arts students in the Seattle area, learning from a former student of Master Mikhail Ryabko. In 2011, Art began studying with Kwan Lee and found his home and heart in the Russian Martial Art of Systema.


Art is internationally certified by Systema Headquarters, Toronto, and offers his unique approach and mindful instruction through group and private lesson.


Art is CPR/AED certified and has completed Level 1 Trauma training with former Special Operations Medic Jeff Hensley.

Private training and seminar inquiries: