Kwan Lee

Kwan is the Founder and Director of Systema Seattle.  He started his martial arts training at the age of 6 in Shotokan Karate and later studied Chinese Gung Fu, Indonesian Pencak Silat, and Philipino Martial Arts with Guru Paul Marrero, who formally introduced him to Systema Founder Vladimir Vasiliev.

In 2001, Kwan became certified to teach Systema by the Founders Vladimir Vasiliev and Mikhail Ryabko and is considered by them as “one of the top instructors of Systema."

Additionally, Kwan is a structural engineer for commercial and military programs and has extensive firearms and survival training.  He has taught law enforcement and has advised on specialized curriculum for groups like G4S-ITI-Armour Group.

He is currently teaching private and group classes in Seattle, Washington and seminars locally and around the world.

Private training and seminar requests:

From the Founders of Systema Regarding Kwan

“I can say that Kwan Lee is a real man and a true warrior. He knows how to be a loyal and generous friend and instructor. We are thankful to him for that.”

“Могу сказать, что Квон Лии настоящий мужчина и истинный воин. Он знает как быть верным и щедрым другом и инструктором. И за это мы ему благодарны.”


     – Col. Mikhail Ryabko (Distinguished Veteran of High-Risk Special Operations Units and Founder of Systema)


“Certainly one of the top and most experienced Systema Instructors, Mr. Kwan Lee has exceptional skills in Systema. Kwan moves in a true Systema style, smooth and precise, his understanding of every aspect of Systema is deep and profound. Kwan’s fundamental personal integrity, strength and talent make him an outstanding instructor. I know that training with Kwan will make students competent in self defense as well as more healthy and solid individuals.”


     – Vladimir Vasiliev (Distinguished Veteran of High-Risk Special Operations Units and Founder of Systema)



“Kwan Lee is one of the most “senior” and most experienced Systema Instructors, who with great enthusiasm and selflessness has been bringing his understanding of Systema to people. Kwan’s work stands out with its initiative, individuality, diligence and depth of insight into every topic of study. His methodical approach towards teaching Systema is independent, unique, clear and effective. Kwan’s notable organizational abilities, high energy level and constant strive for knowledge make him a top notch specialist, capable of outstanding presentation of all key elements of Systema.”


” Квон Лии является одним из <старейших> и опытнейших инструкторов, который вот уже много лет увлечённо и самоотверженно несёт людям своё понимание Системы. Работу Квона отличают инициативность, самобытность, старательность, глубина проникновения в каждый изучаемый вопрос. Его методический подход к преподаванию Системы самостоятелен, своеобразен, прост, доходчив и эффективен. Хорошие организаторские способности, высокая активность и постоянное стремление к познанию нового делают Квона Лии высококлассным специалистом, способным обучать основам Системы на высоком учебно-методическом уровне. ”


     – Major Konstantin Komarov (Distinguished Veteran of GRU, Protective Services Operator, and Master of Systema Small Arms Movement and Combat Psychology)











クワン・リーは最も“上級(シニア)”で経験のあるインストラクターの一人であり、彼の持つ熱意と無私無欲さがシステマを練習する人々に、深いシス テマの理解を提供してきました。クワンのすべてのワークは機智、そして深い洞察力に富んでいます。彼のシステマの指導方法はユニークで、独立していて、明 確で効果的です。クワンの著名な体系的な能力、彼のエネルギー、継続的な努力が彼を一流のスペシャリストにして、システマのすべての要素を高いレベルで表 現することを可能にしています。