Live Online Training
                                  "Dynamic and Relevant"
                    "Packed with Rich Information"
                                                         "Challenging and Humbling"
We have received high praise for and have seen very positive results from our online interactive sessions, which focus on the most critical aspects of Systema... Self Work.  These classes are centered around the cultivation of the Inner State and generation of real connected power in all parts of the body.  In addition to core principles of mobility, strength/flexibility, and breathwork, we focus on essential solo work in the area of weapons use/retention, combat psychology and other survival topics.

See below for the upcoming schedule of live interactive online classes taught by Kwan Lee and other top instructors.  Training is given through the Zoom interface with full instructions for attendance shown after payment.

Important: All students must read the FAQ and agree to the Terms of Service and the Waiver.

To request specific live online courses or private training, please inquire at