Faith. Power. Perseverance.

Join the Zettler Twins, as Adam and Brendon reveal the journey they have been taking together to overcome the hardships of Brendon's brain aneurism and paralysis that occurred in late March of this year.

Take an intimate look into how they strived to help each other, and themselves, using core Systema principles, which were critical in this process.  Hear how doctors were shocked to see the extraordinary progress Brendon made in just a few months as a result of focused prayer and mind/body work.

In this live/online event, you will learn the healing power of faith and see what a deeply-connected and holistic approach to recovery looks like.

The Zettlers remain grateful for the support and prayers from friends around the world and wish to share the lessons from this challenging yet profoundly fulfilling experience.

Near the end of the session, there will be Q&A and a brief announcement regarding upcoming related coursework.

Zoom information given immediately after payment.

Sunday Dec 5th - 4pm Eastern

120 min Session