Swift. Practical. Sustainable.

The art of Systema is the ultimate survival system for the modern age.
It is a highly adaptable and brutally effective system for the real world of hard objects and hard choices. It is currently being used by top body guards and elite special operations… and by everyday men and women who just want to protect themselves when there are no referees, no room to move, and no time to waste. A brief history is given here.
Our training helps students rediscover the freedom and natural fluidity of their bodies, which is often lost after childhood.  With this freedom comes more control, more choices, greater awareness, and better decision-making under duress. 
The work is taught by high-level internationally-certified instructors, in a very supportive community, and is based on relaxed intuitive movement, focused breath training, and repeatable methods for prevailing against armed attackers, and working in confined spaces and against multiple opponents.

A high degree of importance is placed on improvisational skill since it is unlikely that pre-programming or memorization can fully prepare a person for the unpredictability of real world confrontations.  We therefore focus on refining our instincts and better connecting with our inner state so that we are less encumbered by our physical or emotional limitations. Essentially, you grow to know yourself completely in any context.
There is nothing to memorize; there are no uniforms; and there are no ranks.  There is just the work.
Our comprehensive breathing methodology is found in no other system, and it is used to increase overall survivability, through improved situational awareness, recovery, preparation, self-diagnosis, and fear mitigation.

In the end, our way of training should protect us today as well as the people we will be many years from now.  Systema provides that path.

Join us today and see how our advanced training methods will transform the way you move, think, and feel, on and off the mat.

Important: All students must read the FAQ and agree to the Terms of Service and the Waiver.

World Class Instruction
Our School and Instructors are Fully Certified and Endorsed by Systema Founder, Vladimir Vasiliev, Systema Headquarters, Toronto.