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Swift. Practical. Sustainable.

The art of Systema is the ultimate survival system for the modern age.  It is a highly adaptable and effective system for the real world of hard objects and hard choices. It has been used by top body guards and elite special operations, and a brief history is given here. Though Systema has ancient Slavic origins, the fundamental principles of Freedom of Movement and healthy living are universal. 
Today, the training has evolved into a system that primarily helps students rediscover the freedom and natural fluidity of their bodies, which is often lost after childhood.  With this freedom comes more control, more choices, greater awareness, and better decision-making under duress. 


In a very short period of time with us, you will be able to:

  • Get real confidence and self control

  • Notice and eliminate all of your tensions

  • Understand and work the tension in others

  • Increase awareness of yourself and others

  • Utilize our comprehensive breath work

  • Increase your mobility and resilience

  • Learn how to completely avoid injuries

  • Work around existing injuries and heal them

  • Increase tolerance to pain and fear

  • Learn and apply critical self-defense methods

The work is taught by high-level internationally-certified instructors, in a very supportive and nurturing community, and is based on relaxed intuitive movement, focused breath training, and repeatable methods for prevailing in countless difficult situations.