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 Balanced Power
Dec 8-10 - Seattle

Apply state of the art methods that cultivate deep power, and supercharge your wellness and combative intelligence.

Get ready for a truly transformative weekend.

Friday - 4pm to 6pm
- Set the Baseline
- Breath and body work for internal regulation

Saturday - Noon to 6pm
- Heaviness, Density, Gravity
- Structure analysis and takedown
- Strikes and Knifework

7pm to - Social gathering (Shoreline)

Sunday - 10AM to 4pm
- Weaponized Mobility
- Stick and Chain
- Harnessing healing power /

Training level:
Beginner to Advanced

- water bottle and training k
nife (loaners available)
- signing the online Waiver

Space is limited

General location: Seattle Center area, Space Needle complex

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