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Washington - Systema USA Headquarters


Kwan Lee - Director / Head Instructor

Kwan is the Founder and Director of Systema USA. He started his martial arts journey over 40 years ago in Shotokan Karate, and he later studied Chinese Gung Fu, Indonesian Pencak Silat, and Philipino Martial Arts with Guru Paul Marrero, who formally introduced him to Systema Founder Vladimir Vasiliev. In 2001, Kwan became certified in Russia to teach Systema by the Founders Vladimir Vasiliev and Mikhail Ryabko and is considered by them as “one of the top instructors of Systema." Additionally, Kwan is a structural engineer for commercial and military programs and has extensive firearms and survival training. He has taught law enforcement and military and has advised on specialized curriculum for groups like G4S-ITI / Armour Group. FROM THE FOUNDERS OF SYSTEMA “I can say that Kwan Lee is a real man and a true warrior. He knows how to be a loyal and generous friend and instructor. We are thankful to him for that.” “Могу сказать, что Квон Лии настоящий мужчина и истинный воин. Он знает как быть верным и щедрым другом и инструктором. И за это мы ему благодарны.” – Col. Mikhail Ryabko (Distinguished Veteran of High-Risk Special Operations Units and Founder of Systema) “Certainly one of the top and most experienced Systema Instructors, Mr. Kwan Lee has exceptional skills in Systema. Kwan moves in a true Systema style, smooth and precise, his understanding of every aspect of Systema is deep and profound. Kwan’s fundamental personal integrity, strength and talent make him an outstanding instructor. I know that training with Kwan will make students competent in self defense as well as more healthy and solid individuals.” – Vladimir Vasiliev (Distinguished Veteran of High-Risk Special Operations Units and Founder of Systema) “Kwan Lee is one of the most “senior” and most experienced Systema Instructors, who with great enthusiasm and selflessness has been bringing his understanding of Systema to people. Kwan’s work stands out with its initiative, individuality, diligence and depth of insight into every topic of study. His methodical approach towards teaching Systema is independent, unique, clear and effective. Kwan’s notable organizational abilities, high energy level and constant strive for knowledge make him a top notch specialist, capable of outstanding presentation of all key elements of Systema.” ” Квон Лии является одним из и опытнейших инструкторов, который вот уже много лет увлечённо и самоотверженно несёт людям своё понимание Системы. Работу Квона отличают инициативность, самобытность, старательность, глубина проникновения в каждый изучаемый вопрос. Его методический подход к преподаванию Системы самостоятелен, своеобразен, прост, доходчив и эффективен. Хорошие организаторские способности, высокая активность и постоянное стремление к познанию нового делают Квона Лии высококлассным специалистом, способным обучать основам Системы на высоком учебно-методическом уровне. ” – Major Konstantin Komarov (Distinguished Veteran of GRU, Protective Services Operator, and Master of Systema Small Arms Movement and Combat Psychology)


Art Cuellar

A lifelong student of strength training, endurance sports, and the martial arts, Art began studying Isshinryu Karate at the age of 7 and entered the tournament circuit in his early 20s. ​ During this time and beyond, Art accumulated a vast knowledge of body mechanics, strength building, nutrition, and plyometrics, and ultimately became a certified personal trainer in order to better help others achieve their fitness and life goals. Art is also a gifted mountaineer and offers a wealth of knowledge in the area of regional trails and mountain treks. In 1996, Art became one of the first Russian Martial Arts students in the Seattle area, learning from a former student of Master Mikhail Ryabko. In 2011, Art began studying with Kwan Lee and found his home and heart in the Russian Martial Art of Systema. Art is internationally certified by Systema Headquarters, Toronto, and offers his unique approach and mindful instruction through group and private lesson. Art is CPR/AED certified and has completed Level 1 Trauma training with former Special Operations Medic Jeff Hensley.


Scott McQueen

Scott McQueen has been a student of the Martial Arts for over 30 years, he began training in Systema in 2003, and since that time has been solely focused on training and teaching Systema. Scott is certified to teach Systema by Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev. Along with Andy Cefai, he introduced Systema to Japan and in 2004 co-founded Systema Japan which continues to thrive in Tokyo, Japan.


Baron Quan

Baron was born and raised in Seattle and has trained multiple martial arts and dancing growing up. He started training in Systema in college in 2010 and has become an affiliate instructor since 2018. Baron has a passion for sharing Systema’s usefulness in increasing one’s internal awareness and helping them become better.


These schools have a close working relationship with Systema USA
in the development of high quality instruction.

United States



Gene Smithson - Austin Systema

I have been practicing martial arts in north Austin and elsewhere for 46 years. I hold black belts in several styles of karate, and I have trained Chinese boxing, BJJ, JKD, Aikido and reality combatitives. In 2002 I traveled to China and studied Qigong with Prof Teng Ying Bo. Upon returning to the USA I began studying Tai Chi with Stan Rossi, who is greatly missed. Like a lot of other people, I first saw Vladimir Vasiliev, founder of Systema Headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, on the Internet and decided the Russian martial art of Systema needed to be experienced first hand. Upon meeting Vladimir, my life practice was set and I began practicing and eventually teaching Systema in Austin. I train Systema combatitives as a path towards health, wholeness, freedom and ultimate expression in martial art. I practice Tai Chi and Qigong as solo practices. For me, I have found a practice which feels like home. I continue to train and study under the direction of Vladimir Vasiliev and am deeply grateful to him for bringing Systema to North America and for me to be able to bring these martial arts to north Austin.



Dean Foster - Oregon Coast Systema

Dean Foster is a “full instructor” certified by Vladimir Vasiliev of Systema HQ in Toronto to teach all aspects of Systema. In addition to Systema, Dean has trained in various martial arts since 1976 and holds black belt rankings in Tae Kwon Do, 2nd Degree in Mo Duk Pai Kung Fu, 6th Degree in Combat Sambo, and is a Sport Sambo Coach. Dean also has over 30 years law enforcement experience and was a lead use of force and firearms instructor. Dean also served over 12 years as a Special Weapons and Tactics sniper.



Niko Huffman- Systema Arizona

I am truly a lifetime student of martial arts I began training at the age of 10 and have never stopped. Over the last 30+ years, I’ve studied a wide variety of martial arts, combative systems, movement paradigms, and health practices, in the spirit of Bruce Lee’s philosophy: “Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own.” I was first introduced to Systema in 2005, began studying under Kwan Lee in 2009, and was certified by Vladimir Vasiliev as an Instructor-in-Training in 2010, then a Full Instructor in 2013.




Milos Malic - Systema Oslo

Milos is the Founder and chief instructor of Systema Oslo. He began his martial arts journey at age 6 in the Judo club "Dinamo Pancevo." He then trained Kyokushinkai Karate and later Aikido and several styles of kick-boxing. After his introduction to Systema in early 2001, Milos was certified by master Mikhail Ryabko to teach Systema, becoming the first Systema instructor in Serbia. Also in Serbia, Milos received the title Operational Coach, which is required in order to be a martial arts instructor in Serbia and is equivalent to a national trainers license. Among the many topics he covered, his courses explored sport science, anatomy, physiology, health, pedagogy, andragogy, and sociology. Before moving to Norway in 2013, he was leading one of the largest Systema schools in Belgrade Serbia, Systema club "Hrast." He has taught numerous seminars around Europe and has been continually certified by master Vladimir Vasiliev. He has trained extensively with several masters from Russia and other countries from various schools of the Russian Style.



Patrick van het Nederend - Systema Amsterdam

Officially certified as a Full Systema Instructor by Vladimir Vasiliev. Patrick gained his intensive Russian Martial Art & Health training by spending extensive time traveling to locations where the best training is given. Several times a year he trains with his teacher and mentor Vladimir Vasiliev in Toronto. He has good contacts and friendships within the Systema community and regularly attends seminars, private and small group training sessions of the Senior Systema instructors from around the world. After many years of experiencing the more traditional martial arts and arts and a lot of practical experience with aggression and violence, with all the facets that come with it, he considers Systema as the most realistic and effective fighting and health system. "Systema makes you a better fighter, more resilient in the broadest sense of the word, and above all a better person."

Systema USA is Fully Certified and Endorsed by Systema Founder, Vladimir Vasiliev,
Systema Headquarters, Toronto.
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