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Systema - Strength and Flexibility


"I have plenty of experience with kettlebells and bodyweight conditioning. However it wasn’t until I did the work presented did I begin to realize how much damage I was doing and how limited my range was, and I am considered very flexible by those who know me."
- Marlin Leybold


In this volume, Kwan Lee, one of the top Systema instructors in North America, shows how you can develop functional strength and flexibility in a dynamic and sustainable manner with proper breath and relaxation.

Specifically requested by world-renowned Master of Systema, Vladimir Vasiliev, this DVD is your chance to discover original and never-before-seen functional strength and mobility exercises that can be applied directly to your fitness and combatives program. With detailed explanations and progressive demonstrations, the material is intuitive and easy to follow and can be applied instantly.

Topics include: 

  • Bodyweight Exercises (Solo and Partner)

  • Structural Alignment for Maximum Functionality

  • 360 ° Joint Stretching and Control

  • The Use of Breath for Form, Action, and Recovery


Also included is an all-new and innovative Dynamic Stretching Progression for the entire body. This one sequence is worth the viewing alone since it gives you a basis for developing true “Freedom of Movement.”  This unique flow sequence is the first of its kind.


Learn what it takes to free yourself from the shackles of limited movement, tension, and rigidity. Enhance tendon and ligament strength and develop the ability to adapt to ANY environment instantly while remaining composed, aware, and in control. Every tip and exercise is geared toward expanding your options so that you can evade threats, deal with destructive energy, and change levels effortlessly.


Equip yourself with the tools to achieve total freedom of movement!


1 hour

On Sale for a Limited time:    29.99 (reg 39.99)

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