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"I didn't know what I didn't know.  This was life changing. Thank you so very much"
From Recent Attendee and General Contractor

"I cannot imagine going through life without this training. I am telling everyone about this workshop."
From Recent Attendee and Security Professional

"Truly amazing. Jeff is the real deal."
From Recent Attendee and O.R. Nurse

At the end of this intensive course, you will have the ability to render immediate care for gravely injured individuals in an active shooter or other life-threatening situation with minimal reliance on gear. 

This is a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in a weekend of life-saving knowledge and practical application in the classroom and in very active scenarios with one of the top professionals in the industry.  Jeff Hensley is a former Special Operations Medic with extensive qualifications in tactical trauma medicine. Those that attended Jeff's courses around the world know how incredibly gifted Jeff is in his ability to get students functional in a very short period of time.  From wound-packing bullet holes, bypassing crushed airways, and decompressing chest wounds, you will emerge with the skill and confidence to apply life-saving skills on yourself and others with minimal equipment.


(Special 2-hour Module for Trauma/Med Kit Preparation Included for Participants)

From Jeff:

You are preparing for perhaps the worst day of your life. Stress inoculation and pressure testing will be utilized during training to help you understand the realities of providing care in such circumstances. This isn't entertainment or for bragging rights. It is to give you the confidence to SURVIVE and care for those you love.

A gunfight, criminal assault, or terrorist attack isn't always over when the shooting stops, knife is dropped, or smoke clears. Often who lives and who dies is determined afterward. Marksmanship, weapons manipulations, combatives and tactics may NOT be the skill sets that ensure you or those you love survive. The difference could well be the medical care rendered immediately after or even during the event.

Training is useless unless it addresses the realities of the student's daily lives. Since most of us do NOT carry a trauma kit at work, school, church or the mall, students will be taught how to use tactical and/or emergency medical kits and the principles behind them so they will be able to improvise life-saving medical equipment from whatever is on hand.


Topics will include but are not limited to:

The caregiver's attitude, resilience, and determination will be cultivated  and tested in numerous scenarios.
Students will be taught to improvise treatment modalities when medical equipment is limited or unavailable

Assessment and Maneuvers
Invasive Adjuncts
Emergency Needle Cricothyrotomy
Improvised Cricothyrotomy


Assisted & Artificial Respiration
Identification & Treatment of Tensions Pneumothorax
Identification & Treatment of Sucking Chest Wound
Identification & Treatment of Flailed Chest


Assessment and Controlling Hemorrhage
Proper use of Pressure Dressings and Tourniquets
Proper use of Hemostatic Agents
Identification and Treatment of Shock
Basic Principles of Intravenous Fluid Therapy


Care of Patients in Hostile or Austere Environments
Common Mechanisms of Injury
Basic weapons familiarization


This is essential training for everyone. Get the knowledge and skill that will make a real difference in a crisis situation for yourself and those you love.

Course size is limited to ensure the highest level of engagement with instructors.



 Saturday and Sunday: 8:30AM to 4:30PM

Exclusive Trauma / Med Kit Prep Session Saturday 6pm - 8pm




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