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This Student Waiver is entered into as of the day of training by the registered student and Systema USA.


The Hazards: Student agrees that they are participating in the Russian Martial Arts (Systema) and are part of a special group of individuals that may have varying degrees of experience in other movement arts.  It is important to note that combat arts like Systema are inherently dangerous and encompass principles associated with armed and unarmed movements and involve contact with immovable structures and surfaces.  Injuries associated with this type of training are rare but can be widely categorized and include serious harm or even death. 


Safety and Communication: Every measure is taken to ensure the safety of Student through each stage of training.  Since most injuries are a result of negligence, oversight, or miscommunication on the part of the practitioner, as a participant in this Martial Arts training, Student hereby agrees to listen carefully to all instructions given during each session as well as communicate openly with practice partners and the instructors with regard to pain and discomfort.  Though the instructors will make every effort to facilitate your understanding and enjoyment of the Art, Student is ultimately responsible for their own training and personal safety.  This means that Student agrees to make the effort to adhere to these guidelines, or Student may be asked to leave the class with remaining fees forfeited.


Understanding Your Responsibilities: Student agrees that they are participating in this Martial Arts training of their own free will.  Student shall indemnify and hold harmless Systema USA, its teachers such as Kwan Lee and assistants, instructors, affiliates, fellow students, masters such as Vladimir Vasiliev, and their families, from and against all claims, damages, suits, charges, liabilities, costs and expenses (including legal fees and expenses) arising as a result of negligent, intentional or other acts of Student.  This indemnification shall extend to the owners and lease holders of the building or property where this training will be held.  


Student understands that they may be videotaped or photographed during training and agrees that all rights to this media are reserved by Systema USA.  Student waives all claims related to the capturing of their likeness in electronic media and agrees not to make recordings without prior written approval from Systema USA. 


Student agrees to disclose to Systema USA in private, before training, about having any contagious blood-borne illness, pathogen, or disease that might be transmitted to others through contact or bleeding.

Student affirms that the Student is not affiliated with known domestic and foreign extremist / terrorist groups and will not use the information acquired in our school in aide of these groups or their mission.


Student is voluntarily entering into this agreement and training and states that the Student is of generally good health and that the Student is physically and psychologically capable of undergoing the training offered at this event.  Student understands that the Systema USA reserves the right to terminate this agreement (and all training registrations) at any time.

By attending training, I, the undersigned Student, represent that I have read the above statement, fully understand its content, and consent to the above waiver of rights and claims, in its entirety.

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